Gene Bush Your Personal Guide to Los Angeles Real Estate


Step one starts out by creating what I call the “business card” of the property. We begin with an insertion into the broker to broker MLS (Multiple Listing Service) system. All details, photos and property website attachments are listed on this page. Five thousand plus agents in Los Angeles, from the Valley to the City, have access to this information. The Valley and City MLS systems are no longer separate. All information is shared and Agents use the MLS insertion page to send to their clients.

The MLS Entry is routed to all the top websites around the globe, where they are forwarded to other sub-websites. This is calculated and organized. Coldwell Banker has strategic business arrangements with the top websites in the world to insure your home will have the maximum online exposure. This is why the initial MLS insert Page is so important. It is critical that this entry be done with care. Proper descriptions, elements, photography and your property website must be included in the MLS insertion page.

In addition to your MLS listing and Coldwell Banker’s ability to successfully link your property on hundreds of websites worldwide, there is another element to your property’s marketing. All my listings receive a unique property website. This facilitates the Buyers to find and recall your property on my website. I also include the property URL on all collateral marketing materials: publication ads, postcards, flyers, riders under the for sale signs, agent to agent e-blasts, etc. I will ensure your website is linked to the property’s “MLS business card” and thus gain maximum exposure on the internet.
There are over five thousand active real estate agents in Southern California. I can send out an e-blast to almost every agent. Once again, great photos and are included on this flyer. The reach is extensive and immediate.

Business & Personal Relationships: My business to business and personal sphere include many influential people in the entertainment Industry: Business Managers, Talent Agents, Talent Managers, Talent Lawyers, Studio Executives and other contacts who are leaders in their respective businesses. These relationships frequently result in quick sales.

Social Networking: One of the newest and most exciting online marketing platforms exists in the world of social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). I have hundreds of close friends, clients, and industry leaders that are my friends on Facebook. When you list with me, I will post on my Facebook page so all my contacts will be aware of your property. I also have the ability to invite my entire personal & professional sphere on Facebook to your home for open houses. Subsequently, through the viral nature of social networking, your property can then be sent to my friends’ friends and so on…

Welcome to Gene Bush Homes—your premiere source for real estate information in the greater Los Angeles area. From here, you can view our listings, Search the MLS, and find pertinent information whether you are a buyer or seller. I have over 20 years of experience and am consistently ranked in the top 10 agents among Coldwell Banker's prestigious network. If you have specific needs, would like to schedule a showing, or wish to obtain a compimentary analysis of your home, click here. I look forward to working with you.
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